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    The history of the Neu farm dates back to 1889. After changing ownership several times, Jacob Weber, Tony and Daniel’s great-great grandfather from Lesterville, SD, purchased the farm in 1895. In 1916 his daughter, Louisa, and her husband Andreas Neu, purchased the 500-acre farm. Tony and Daniel’s grandfather, Herbert was born in December 1917. Herbert, his two brothers and two sisters were all raised on this farm. In the dust bowl years of the 1930’s, Herbert worked for the Wieland Family near Dazey, ND for three summers. In 1943, Herbert took over the farm with the help of his mother and younger brother Edwin. Herbert was married to Leona Woeszner in 1944. Herbert and Leona had two children: Jarrold, born in 1946 and Rachel, born in 1950. Together, Herbert and Leona expanded the diverse small grain and livestock farm to 2,000 acres by the late 1960s. Jarrold was married to Karen Goehring in 1967 and moved onto the family farm. Jarrold and Herbert farmed as Neu/Neu until the mid-1980’s when Herbert retired.


     Whether it was making hay in the summer, helping with harvest, or tending to the livestock in the winter, Tony and Daniel were always involved in the work on the farm. While still in high school, Tony and Daniel owned a few cow/calf pairs and leased land to grow crops.


     Tony entered the operation in 1988 after attending NDSCS in Wahpeton, ND for 1 ½ years majoring in automotive technology. Tony married Lisa Walker in 1990. In January of 1992 Jarrold, Tony, and Daniel formed the Neu Way Farms partnership. Daniel married Jennifer McCleary in 1994. The three worked together farming 1,500 acres of crops and running approximately 150 cow/calf pairs until Jarrold’s health began to decline in late 1995. Jarrold passed away in 1997.

     Tony and Lisa have two children, Jakob and Kendra. Daniel and Jennifer have two sons, Dillon and Andreas. It is our hope to create opportunities for the next generation to continue the legacy of our family farm.

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